General OP Trip Info

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Interested in joining OP for a weekend away from campus? Check out some of our most popular trips:


  • The price of your trip includes trip food, gear, transportation, and Trip Leaders.
  • We adjust all trip menu plans according to dietary restrictions.
  • Occasionally, groups will eat out while traveling. These meals are generally not included in the trip cost. Your trip leaders will inform you of any meals not included in the trip price.


  • We want OP trips to be safe, fun and memorable.
  • Due to weather and other safety concerns, trip destinations are subject to change.
  • We work hard so that you can have fun, so please come with a happy, cooperative attitude.
  • OP practices strong Leave No Trace ethics. ( Pack it in, pack it out!
  • We are open to ideas / suggestions for new OP trips.  After all, they are for students!
  • We are very open to feedback! Let us know how we can serve you better. Be sure to complete the trip satisfaction survey you trip leader will email you after the trip.
  • Absolutely  NO Alcohol, tobacco or drugs will be tolerated.  Failure to comply will result in proper university judicial sanctions and the patron may be denied future trip sign-ups.


  • Your trip leader will be a current Wake Forest undergraduate student
  • These students work part-time for Outdoor Pursuits and have extensive training, including Wilderness First Aid and CPR certifications
  • We encourage you to get to know your Trip Leaders, we think they are some pretty cool folks!  However, in the case of a conflict or an emergency, your trip leaders are the authority on the trip.
  • Trip Leaders have prepared a Risk Management Plan in case of emergency.
  • You can work for Outdoor Pursuits, too! See our Staff page or stop by the OP office for more information.


Day Hiking


Short and sweet, day hikes are less strenuous than many other outdoor activities because they require very little equipment. But don’t be fooled, gourmet lunches and incredible views await the adventurous day hiker on an OP trip! Popular day hike locations include Pilot Mountain, Hanging Rock State Park, or Pisgah National Forest. So if you’re looking to get off campus or to discover a new pocket of the North Carolina wilderness, join us on our next OP Day Hike!

Mountain Biking

Salem Lake

Mountain biking is another option for the adventurous student who may not have time for an overnight or weekend-long trip. This outdoor sport involves biking on trails very similar to hiking trails. Mountain biking is fast paced, but beginner friendly.  No mountain biking experience is necessary, but basic bike riding skills are required. One of our favorite biking destinations, Tanglewood Park, is just a 30 minute drive from campus!


Whitewater Kayaking


If you’re looking to totally forget about classes for a couple of hours, whitewater kayaking will do the trick! Kayaking trips can be single-day or overnight trips. Our favorite kayaking destinations include, but are not limited to, the Tuckaseegee River (NC), the Nantahala River (NC), the James River (VA), the New River (WV), the Saluda River (SC), and the Cartecay River (GA). Join us on our next paddling adventure, we promise you won’t regret it!

All of our scheduled whitewater kayaking trips are open to beginners with no previous experience, though you must be able to swim.



While backpacking can take you around the world and back, OP tries to keep it local for our weekend trips. Backpacking  is a great way to get off campus, unplug, and reconnect for an epic weekend of beautiful views, delicious food, and great friends. A backpacking trip is a multi-day hike, meaning that you must carry everything on your back. Don’t worry though, you need a lot less than you might think!  OP provides all necessary  equipment, so all you need to bring is a water bottle and a                                                      smile. Beginners and experts welcome!

Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing is another great way to get off campus! OP provides all the gear and instruction you will need, so absolutely no experience is necessary! Most OP climbing trips are day trips to Pilot Mountain, NC and are some of our least expensive trips. Come join us for a day off of campus. Thrilling views are guaranteed for those who reach the top!