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Spring Break 2013

You don’t have to leave the country to go big.  OP likes going big.  You like going big.  Well, we should hang out.

Teddy Landsma

OP Spring Break: Backpacking, Canyoneering, Community Service & Exploring Asheville

This trip is designed for those who want to really escape the Wake Forest bubble.  This trip will provide a true wilderness environment as we will backpack for 3.5 solid days.  We will then transport Wednesday and eat at the Purple Onion in Downtown Saluda, North Carolina.  The next day we will descend a playground of a  steep river gorge (Canyoneering-see Teddy on the right!).  The trip will run Sunday to Friday night.  We want to also give you guys a “break” on Spring Break!

You won’t regret this.


Note: location is subject to change due to weather.

Deposit: $50   Estimated cost: $175 – $200

Drive length: 2-4 approx

Current spots open:  Only 4!

Trip Difficulty: Intermediate

Trip Length: 6 days

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Our group at Linville Falls – Multi-Sport trip 2011