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Mission Statement

Max Floyd – Director

Our Mission

The mission of Campus Recreation is to enrich the quality of life for the students, faculty and staff of Wake Forest University by providing a broad program of sports and fitness activities for men and women of all ability levels.

Our Vision

Campus Recreation:  A healthy outlet for every student, a convenient option for every staff and a vital connection for every faculty in a place where the whole person is central each and every day.

Our Goals

Goal #1 For our patrons: Provide a variety of recreational services where each person can find an option appealing to their unique sports or fitness goals.
Goal #2 For our patrons: For Campus Recreation to be a daily part of each person’s life with ever increasing participation and satisfaction.
Goal #3 Facilities: Improve inventory and utilization of recreational facility space.
Goal #4 Staff Learning and Growth: Create an outstanding professional and student employee workplace and workforce.
Goal #5 Financial: Achieve strong financial stability and reserves.
Goal #6 Operations: Conduct classes, contests, trips, special events at the highest level possible.
Goal #7 Technology: Be current and relevant in the use all technology opportunities.