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Group Fitness Classes




Bootcamp- Jump, throw, dodge, work! This high intensity class will give you the workout of your life. Be prepared to work hard and never give up! This class is designed for all levels of participants.

Advanced Bootcamp- A tougher version of our bootcamp class. Stick around for an extra 15 minutes of intensity! This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced participant.

Stadium Bootcamp- Bringing a new dimension into our bootcamp classes, this class will challenge your body in all new ways utilizing the stadium to devise unique workouts. This class is constructed for participants of all levels.

Core Training- This thirty minute training class is designed to blast your core in a variety of ways. The class is free and open to all participants.

Circuit Training-This challenging class takes participants through a series of stations aimed to improve muscular strength and endurance while elevating your heart rate.

Total Body- Ready for a total body blast? Designed for participants of all levels, this class focuses on delivering a full-body strengthening workout sure to engage your muscles through a variety of equipment and exercises.

Yoga- This class focuses on the combination of mind, body and spirit. Fluid motions and isometric asanas (poses) will guide your body through various levels of relaxation and strength.

Faculty/Staff Yoga- This class is designated for faculty and staff members only.

Pilates- Build flexibility and strength while improving posture and overall muscle tone. Lengthen your body while becoming more balanced.

Holistic Movement- Pilates infused with the intentions of yoga. Helps build flexibility and strength while improving overall muscle tone. Lengthen your body while becoming more balanced physically and mentally. Participants of all levels are welcome.

Cycle- One of the most trending workouts around. Expect long flats, hill climbs and sprints. Designated for participants of any fitness level, with the instructor offering different levels of intensity within each class.

Cycle & Core- A new “spin” on our cycle classes, participants stick around after cycling for 15 minutes of core-blasting exercises and activities!

Ride & Relax- Combining the best of both worlds, this class provides a challenging cycle workout and the relaxing benefits of yoga all together in one!

Zumba- Currently taking the group fitness world by storm, this class will have you working up a sweat while learning Latin-inspired choreographed fitness routines.

Kickboxing- Combining kicks, punches, jabs and conditioning drills allows each participant an intense cardiovascular workout. If you’re ready for a challenge, this class is for you!