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Aikido is a non-competitive method of self-defense based on relaxed coordination of mind and body, rather than strength. It teaches students how to harmonize with and redirect an opponent’s movement and energy. Although its primary aim is protection against physical attacks, the philosophy and techniques of Aikido can also be used to deflect everyday worries. At its gentlest, Aikido helps you remain calm in stressful situations; at its most strenuous, Aikido is the art of dancing with a partner who is trying to hurt you. Aikido promotes awareness, good posture, agility, and a peaceful mind, while improving physical and mental health in a low-impact environment. Aikido can be studied by people of all ages and is ideal for women and children.

President: Connor Prior,


President:  Abby Bowling,
Treasurer: Preston Levy,

Ballroom Dance

President: Allie Blum,
Vice President: Nicole Cahill,
Treasurer: Allie Blum and Nicole Cahill


The Wake Forest Club Baseball team is for those who love to play baseball on a competitive level. The team has both a fall and a spring season, with conference games in the Spring. The club plays neighboring universities such as UNC, NC State and Elon. The club baseball team practices on campus. If you still love to play hard ball, plan on attending the team’s next practice.

President: Collin Palmer,
Vice President: Dowell Harmon,
Treasurer: Matt Hamm,

Bass Fishing

The Wake Forest Fishing Club is one of the newest clubs at Wake Forest. The club is open to fishermen and women of all skill levels. It is a great chance for someone to start fishing. The club holds two to three tournaments per year for just club members. The club also participates in tournaments around the nation. (Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and others.) There are approximately five large tournaments per year (some of which are during the summer). Also, there are various outings each semester just for fun. This is a competitive and fun new sport at Wake, so we hope to see you soon. If you have any questions please email one of the officers.

President: Justin Cecil,
Vice President: Kurt Walker,
Treasurer: Rory Cahoon,
Public Relations: David Hanks,

Men’s Basketball

President: Jay Jung,
Vice President: Matthew Haddad,
Treasurer: Sam Buchanan,

Women’s Basketball

Co-President: Katelyn Porter,
Co-President: Melissa Remmey,
Vice President: Andrea Marx,
Treasurer: Madison Luther,


President: Griffin Marette,
Vice President: Walter Twetten,
Treasurer: Moises Castano,


The Cycling Club attempts to provide cyclists in the Wake Forest community with an organization through which it is possible to meet others with similar interests. Road bikers as well as mountain bikers are welcome to compete in National Collegiate Cycling Association events at other regional schools. Organized into different categories based on experience and sex, racers compete for conference championships as well as the opportunity to qualify for the National Collegiate Cycling Championships held in the Spring.

President: Andres Gonzales,
Vice President:


The Equestrian Team is composed of two teams, a hunt seat team and a dressage team. The Hunt Seat Team competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, an equestrian organization that allows college students to compete regardless of ability or financial situation. The IHSA contains over 370 college teams and over 8,000 riders. Riders compete in all levels from walk-trot to Open (2’9″ fences). We welcome new riders of all skill levels and we attend around 3-4 shows per semester. The WFU Dressage Team competes in Region I of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association. We attend 4 shows per semester, including one home show at our own Hidden K Stables. The team can bring 8 or more members to each show, providing excellent showing opportunities for those interested. IDA shows have four levels: First Level, Upper Training, Lower Training, and Introductory. We welcome all levels of experience, many of our successful riders started learning dressage when they came to Wake! Our team has sent individuals to the IDA Nationals for the past couple of years and is very competitive in our region, with many team wins under our belt! There are also many local dressage shows that we attend to gain more show experience and prepare for the collegiate competitions.

Presidents: Lauren Hunstad,
Amanda Tilchin,
Cecilia Kucera,


President: Jessie Greene,
Treasurer: Stephanie Bilodeau,

Field Hockey

The Co-Ed WFU Club Field Hockey team is a strong program that has enjoyed growing success in recent years. We practice and play all of our games on the varsity field hockey turf at Kentner Stadium. Practice is from 7-9pm every Tuesday and Thursday in the fall. Most of our games are on the weekends and are round robin style, where we play 2 teams in one day. We also attend at least one overnight tournament in the fall. There is also a less formal spring season. The club is part of the National Field Hockey League’s Southern Division and competes against teams from all over the Southeast.

President: Becky Hack,
Vice President: Katie Scharf,
Treasurer: Kyle Adamson,

Men’s Golf

President: Steve Braunewell,
Vice President: Daniel Barrett,
Treasurer: Dan Hayes,

Women’s Golf

Wake’s Womens Club Golf team has come a long way in five years. We compete in 2-3 competitive regional tournaments both semesters and have a ton of fun practicing each week. We always love to welcome new members, regardless of ability. Please contact us if you would like to join us at a weekly practice

President: Natalie Dittrich,
Vice President: Olivia de Fouchier


President: Elizabeth Gianino,
Vice President: Emily Fishman,
Treasurer: Briana Thompson,

Ice Hockey

Wake Forest Ice Hockey plays in the Atlantic Coast Collegiate Hockey Conference (ACCHL) within the American Collegiate Hockey Association’s Division 2 (ACHA D-2). We practice twice week at the Winston Salem Annex (next to the Joel Coliseum) with tryouts taking place during the first week of classes. We play around 20 games per season against teams from North Carolina to Washington D.C., and the season runs through February. We play in a competitive league, and many of our players have played varsity high school hockey or high levels of club hockey, but anyone is welcome to tryout for the team. If you are interested in playing, have more questions, or want to get involved in team management, please contact the president.

President: Brian Day,
Vice President: Vicent Riocci,
Treasurer: Phillip Weinstein,


The purpose of this organization is to encourage the study of karate as physical and mental discipline and to provide an organized program of training in this martial art.

President: Rae-Yao Lee,
Vice President: Chris Lane,
Treasurer: Krish Kumar,

Men’s Lacrosse

The Lacrosse Club was founded to allow Wake Forest students to further their lacrosse experience. Our team is composed of between 20 and 30 members each year and is open to anyone interested, regardless of ability. Our season is in the spring, when we play 8 – 12 games, both home and away. We also practice twice a week in a relaxed atmosphere. We hope to see you out, whether it is playing or watching.

Co-President: Sean Crim,
Co-President: Jack Cunningham,
Treasurer: Matthias Rau,

Women’s Lacrosse

The Lacrosse Club is open to women of all skill levels. Our season is in the spring, and we practice 2-3 times a week. We also have matches against women’s lacrosse teams from other neighboring schools.

President: Carrie Gillien,
Vice President: Caylin Iannotta,
Treasurer: Katie Trimmer,

Momentum Dance Crew

President: Amen Okundaye,
Treasurer: Luke Gabriel,

Men’s Rugby

The Wake Forest University men’s rugby team provides Wake Forest students with the opportunity to play highly competitive intercollegiate athletics while pursuing an education at one of the nation’s elite academic institutions. The team is committed to furthering the reputation of Wake Forest University through the achievement of success both on the rugby field and off, and the team prides itself on fostering camaraderie and respect among team members.

The team maintains a roster of approximately 35-40 players, as well as a dedicated coaching staff consisting of four experienced coaches, including an athletic trainer who runs the team’s strength and conditioning sessions.

Beginning in the spring of 2011, Wake Forest will be competing in the Atlantic Coast Rugby League, which consists of the rugby teams from the schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

High school rugby players interested in continuing their academic and rugby careers at Wake Forest and current Wake Forest students looking to play a competitive sport should contact the club sports office.  758-5838

President: Max Wohlmuth,
Vice President: Pierre Duncan
Treasurer: Scott Goldman
Recruitment Chair: Tim Peterson

Women’s Rugby

A young club looking for women interested in playing rugby. No experience required!

C0-President: Alison Fieldhouse,
Co-President: Krista Hoffman,
Treasurer: Shilpa Jayarajan,

Rowing Club

The Wake Forest Rowing Club, founded in 1998, is a co-ed team dedicated to introducing people to the sport of rowing and helping them to perform at a high competition level. We travel to regattas across the south and race against teams from all over the south east. We practice on the water at least 3 times a week, and supplement land practice whenever we can’t get to the lake. No experience is necessary, as long as you’re willing to work hard, and have fun doing it!

resident: Emma Dolson,
Treasurer: Kenny Zheng,


President: Brennan Kuhn,
Treasurer: Cate McPherson,

Men’s Soccer

The Men’s Club Soccer Team is an organization open to men of all skill levels. Interest has run so high, that in the past three years, we have divided the participants into two teams. Practices are two to three times a week; games are generally every weekend against other ACC club teams, as well as occasional tournaments.

President: Kevin Young,
Vice President: Andrew Echeverria,
Treasurer: Tyler Leung,

Women’s Soccer

The WFU Women’s Club Soccer Team is an organization for female students to play soccer at a competitive level against other schools in the region such as UNC, Duke, Virginia Tech and Clemson. We practice twice a week and play games on the weekends. Once or twice a semester we have weekend tournaments that we travel to play in. Female students of all levels are invited to come out and play.

President: Lauren Kratky,
Vice President: Catherine Ford,
Treasurer: Liz Emanuel,


The women’s fast pitch softball team invites all women who have an interest in fast pitch to come out this year. This is our second year in the National Club Softball Association (NCSA), where we’re scheduled to play against teams in our league such as Duke, UNC-Charlotte, and Campbell University. We’re looking forward to a competitive and fun schedule for both the fall and the spring semesters, with a home tournament being planned for the spring. Even if you’re not sure of your skills, come practice with us! We’d love to have you.

President: Julie Marco,
Vice President: Callie Cleckner,
Treasurer: Jayde Bazinet,


C0-President: John McDonough,
Co-President: Lauren Darnis,
Treasurer: Brandon Lai,


The Wake Forest club swim team consists of 25 members dedicated to fitness and fun in the pool, practicing 3 to 4 times a week while still finding time to hang out on Friday nights or at football tailgates to cheer on the Deacs. To maintain our competitive edge, we travel to 2 or 3 meets per semester at schools such as Virginia, Elon, and High Point. The ECC Invitational hosted by Georgia Tech, whose pool was used for 1996 Olympics, is one of our favorite yearly events. We take pride in our participation in intramural sports such as water polo (2010 Co-Rec Champs) and innertube water polo, as well as charity events such as Hit the Bricks. Swimmers of all ability levels are encouraged to join.

President: Brandon West,
Vice President: Austin Hopkins,
Treasurer: Anne Scherer,

Men’s Tennis

President: Christopher Ford,
Vice President: Griffin Kurzius,
Treasurer: Jackson Hubbell,

Women’s Tennis

President: Alexis Dahan,
Vice President: Kelly Engle,
Treasurer: Carrie Dajani,

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

The Men’s Ultimate team is a competitive organization that is open to men of all playing levels, regardless of prior experience. We travel throughout the Atlantic Coast and the Southeast to tournaments during the year, culminating in the USA Ultimate Championship Series at the end of the spring semester. Please contact an officer for more information.

President: Tony Bleyer,

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

President: Deanna Margius,
Vice President: Amelia Fatsi,
Treasurer: Kelly Engle,

Men’s Volleyball

President: Noah Schwartz,
Vice President: Quentin Brillantes,

Women’s Volleyball

Wake Forest Club Volleyball consists of approximately 25 members who practice three times each week and travel to two-three tournaments each semester. Our season highlight is the National Tournament in the spring each year. Contact one of the club officers for more information.

President: Sarah Compton,
Vice President: Carolyn Stone,
Treasurer: Carolyn Stone,

Wake Board/Water Ski

President: Ryan Barbalace,
Vice President: 


President: John Bryant,
Treasurer: Dawei Zhao,