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Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the age requirements for camp participation? Boys and girls ages 6-12
  2. What is the Camp Director’s phone number and email?
    Lori Andrews,, 336.758.3490
    Taylor Book,, 336.758.7177
  3. What is the camper to counselor ratio? Each group of 20-22 campers will have two counselors and one instructor. (7/8 to 1)
  4. Who are the counselors? High school and college students selected by the Camp Directors (must be individuals of high moral, ethical standards with a love for and ability to lead young campers).
  5. Who are the instructors? Professional staff from WFU, coaches/instructors from the community, graduate assistants from WFU, retired faculty from WFU.
  6. What should my child bring and wear to camp? Your child should wear comfortable clothing and comfortable closed toe shoes.  Flip flops permitted in pool area. They should be prepared on hot days, armed with sunscreen. They should bring a swimsuit and towel every day of camp.
  7. What do you do when it rains? Five of the six stations are in air conditioned indoor spaces. The one outdoor space would be moved to another indoor activity space.
  8. How competitive is the camp? We stress the importance of having a good time, making new friends, learning how to play fairly and learning new sports and games.
  9. How much instruction is given? We teach the basics of each sport we offer, but we do not dwell on the finer aspects of the game. The purpose of the camp is to introduce the children to a wide variety of sports with the idea that possibly later on they will become interested in one specific sport.
  10. How often do you take water or snack breaks? Every 30 minutes we have a Gatorade/water break. Every 1 1/2 hrs we take a snack break.
  11. What about lunch for the all day camp? Campers must pack a lunch if in the full day camp.
  12. Where is the main office if I need to contact my child? Room 214 Reynolds Gym, WFU
  13. What about first aid? The office can tend to simple first aid needs. We have the Student Health Service available on the first floor of the building as well.
  14. What if my child is not a very good swimmer? The first day of camp every camper will have to pass a deep water test before they can swim in the deep end. Beginning and non-swimmers will stay in the shallow end.  Life jackets and flotation devices are provided when needed.